Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of not more than 12 members who meet monthly on the third Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at the High Plains Museum.

Current Board members are:

  • Carol Schlegel, President – Term: June 2025
  • Jamie Mockry, Vice President – Term: June 2026
  • Laci Ingels, Secretary – Term: June 2025
  • Sharon Bohling, Treasurer – Term: June 2024
  • Steve Lenhart – Term: June 2024
  • Sue Doak – Term: June 2024
  • Steve Fannon – Term: June 2026
  • Laurie Sinner – Term: June 2024
  • Phil Lyons – Term: June 2025
  • Jimmy McCarville – Term: June 2026
  • Jerda Garey-Vickers, Ex Officio


You can support the mission of the High Plains Historical Society by becoming involved as a member.

Annual dues are $20 and collected for the July-June fiscal year.

Contact the Museum Site Manager to join. –

Annual Meeting

An Annual meeting of the Historical Society shall be held in the first half of the fiscal year, traditionally in July.

Annual Report: 2021-2022

Board Meeting


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